Tower Timber Industries LLC


Quotes I called Tower Timber after I fired a logger and kicked him off my land, and I am glad I did. The logger I originally hired had promised me 50/50 on all the wood that came off my land, but after some investigation work on my part, I figured out he wasn't telling me about every load that left my land and was ripping me off BY A LOT. Tower Timber stepped in and coordinated the sale of the remaining logs and got me a great price for what was left. Turns out, I had some high quality veneer logsin the pile that were worth a log more than regular logs. That's not what the orginal logger told me. He down played what I had to say the least. Quotes
Bob J.

Quotes I was extremely happy with the service I received when it came time to harvest my tract of land. I found Tower Timber to be extremely knowledgable on the subject, accurate in their estimates and efficient in getting the job done. Quotes
Jeff S.

Quotes I had the most diffucult piece of extremely steep, down hill logging site that I wanted thinned. It was so steep that it was near vertical in most areas. It appeared to be virtually impossible to have the site logged safely even for the most experienced of logging companies. Tower Timber managed the site from start to end - and got the job completed without a hitch. Thanks Tower Timber! Quotes
Virgil B.